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Discover the Spark Global X difference

At Spark Global X, we redefine the paradigm of excellence through our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to our clients' success. What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of transformative solutions tailored to each unique challenge. Our team is driven by a passion for innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver unparalleled results. We thrive on complexity, seeing it as an opportunity to showcase our expertise and creativity. By combining cutting-edge strategies with a deep understanding of market dynamics, we craft bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

At Spark Global X, we're not just problem-solvers; we're architects of growth, guiding businesses towards their full potential with vision and precision.

Founding Team Shaping Tomorrow's Success

Raja Mukherjee - Founder (Global)


Raja is a visionary in entrepreneurship, investment strategies, and innovation.

As a serial entrepreneur, he crafts ventures that redefine norms, embodying innovation and audacity.

Raja's education at IBS Hyderabad and IIM Calcutta forms his foundation. His strategic insight and hands-on execution result from prestigious training.

Creator of transformative brands like and Mansion House Brandy, Raja's impact spans beyond business. He fuels future disruptors as a founder of StartUp Connect, The GAIN, Edclick, Corporate Management Services and DRFHE.

Raja's journey inspires relentless innovation, empowerment, and excellence. Let's challenge norms, seize opportunities, and elevate potential.

Mark Milanese - Co-Founder (Australia Chapter )


Mark has a banking background with extensive knowledge of lending where he ran large business and technology programs at NAB & ANZ. He has founded and helped companies scale where he gained skills of Capital Raising, Strategy, Global Growth & Emerging Technology. He has a vast network in APAC UK, and North American markets. Having been based out of Singapore for a number years he understands SE Asian growth and investment. He sits on various boards including Xiippy, and Bevvypay. Mark is also an APAC Advisor for G1VC, a UK based FinTech, Blockchain & Web 3.0 Fund.

Nidhi Vadhera -  Co-Founder (Global)

Nidhi, a dynamic trailblazer seamlessly intertwining entrepreneurship, education, and empowerment. The visionary founder of Vertical Hyphen and Shilandia Foundation, Nidhi’s ventures mirror her innovative spirit and unwavering determination. A serial entrepreneur with a foundation from Narsee Monjee, she blends strategic prowess with practical execution skills.

As India’s first woman author redefining norms in sales and contributing to global powerhouse Citi’s strategies, Nidhi’s journey is a testament to innovation and empowerment. Her impact radiates through immersive experiences, showcasing expertise in learning, branding, and events, all driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Nidhi: A beacon of inspiration shaping the future.

Mahima Jinah Kim -  Co-Founder (Korea Chapter)


Mahima, Founder & Managing Partner at Cross-Border, leads pioneering efforts in the innovative startup accelerator bridging Korea and India. Spearheading Unicorn Incubator, she fosters groundbreaking startups. As a Member of the Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she guides its Korea chapter, and as Vice Chairwoman for the Korea chapter of the Augmented World Expo, she drives advancements in augmented reality technology. Mahima's influence extends to shaping startup policies as a Board Member of the Gyeonggi-do Technology Startup Support Policy Council in South Korea, showcasing her impactful presence in shaping entrepreneurial landscapes across borders.

Saburo Takahashi- Co- Founder  (Japan Chapter)

For over two decades, Saburo has been a trailblazer in the global tech startup landscape, crafting success stories in the UK, Singapore, and India. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he led a UK-based software firm to unparalleled heights. His role as a strategic advisor for fintech and blockchain startups in Singapore and Kenya showcases his expertise and vision. In 2022, Saburo founded Cloud Ace India, transforming it into a multi-city force. Honored by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Saburo's mission is to make Cloud Ace India the premier Google Cloud service provider, contributing to India's economic growth. Beyond tech, he's a rugby enthusiast fostering connections globally. Saburo: A leader, visionary, and passionate individual, steering Cloud Ace's flight to success in India.

Andrew McCleave - Advisor (Australia Chapter)

Andrew's background is strategy, growth and digital disruption for scaling businesses. He is a proven leader of organisations, operations and teams. Building startups and being an equity partner in scaling businesses that are now both listed on the NYSE, Andrew has held executive roles in Tier 1 Banks in Australia and global multinationals. Andrew recently was the GM of Data Action which he managed growth across Tier 2 banks, neobanks and mutuals. He is across many fintech's and technology businesses as a key advisor with a vast banking, technology and investment network.

Azhar - Head Of Operations (Global)


A Sales Maestro with over a decade of experience.

Azhar's journey is defined by his mastery in operations, sales, leading initiatives in Operations,  Sales, Marketing, and Outreach with unrivalled expertise.

His wealth of experience shines through his strategic approach, driving revenue and fostering meaningful connections.

Azhar's dedication to delivering results and expanding horizons is evident in his role as a leader in Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Outreach.

Fuhar - Co-Founder (Hong Kong Chapter)


Fuhar, a seasoned sales and partnership professional, brings extensive experience across tech and travel sectors, from start-ups to multinational corporations. With a global perspective from working in four countries, she excels in building relationships with C-suite executives at Fortune 500 companies. Fuhar drives company growth through strategic sales planning, demonstrating mastery in navigating complex business landscapes. Her actively cultivated network contributes not only to personal success but also brings valuable opportunities to the organizations she serves.

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